Birthday present

This week my good friend celebrate her anniversary. She will be 30 this year. I am friends with her forever now and I couldn’t imagine my life without her. I already have a sister but she is for me more than a sister. I am sure she feels the same way as I do.
And that’s why, she deserve a good birthday gift. And of course I was very careful to hear what are her needs and what she would like the most.
And as a woman, she needs a lot. But what I was thinking was a home laser hair removal machine.

She often complains about her hair on her legs and her ingrown hair. She had a contraceptive treatment some time ago and from that treatment she became more hairier than ever. Especially on the legs. She got a hormone problem and that’s why all extra hair.
She got very frustrated about it and it’s the only thing she could talk about it. She even stopped wearing dresses or skirts because of the hair. That’ s just sad.
She tried laser hair removal before but she complained it was too expensive to go every 6 weeks to the clinic. Because in order for the treatment to work, you must do it every 4 weeks or so to damage the hair follicle. And it can get quite expensive, believe me. And plus, you have a lady who is doing it, and you must be naked in front of her. I, personally have a problem with strange people doing this kind of things to me. I do the waxing on my own.:)
Plus, you must get there and make an appointment to the clinic so it’s also time consuming.

So, as a good friend as I am, I did some research online and I found out about this miracle device called Tria hair removal. It suppose to do wonders on your hair. You can use use it in the comfort of your own home, with no distraction and use it whenever you have time. Also, its small so you can travel with it with no problem. Awesomee! I find only pro’s for this little hair removal machine. OHH, and I can use it of course. 🙂 If she will find it in her heart to borrow it.

I checked online and it’s a little pricey but I think she deserve it. She will use it for the rest of her life. If it’s still works. Hopefully, will be more years from now.

I ordered the laser hair removal device at home and i wrapped it nicely and I am waiting Saturday to come to give it to her. Ohh, and I bought it in her favourite colour, fuchsia pink. I know she will be very very happy. She will be impressed for sure.
I know it will work as I’ve read all the reviews and everybody was saying it works very good on dark hair. I’m sure it will be the best present from the birthday party!

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